Why Choose Us


As the competition gets fiercer, SWA never gives up on sharpening its capabilities and competitive advantages in order to win the competition. SWA employees must understand and implement the 5 Basic Employee Competencies: religion and nationalism, SWA culture, OHS culture, 5R program, and Service Excellent. As part of SWA's commitment to customer trust, the Company continuously focuses on improving the quality of its products.


Integrity has always been a cornerstone of SWA's culture, and is upheld every day. Integrity is SWA's key to maintaining the credibility of the Company by providing excellent service that is trusted.


For SWA, maintaining high-quality products and services is a top priority. SWA guarantees that its Customers receive the best products and services by regularly conducting quality control.


SWA employees have always been passionate about innovation. SWA strives to build an effective and efficient business for the convenience of its customers through continuous innovation. Through innovation, SWA evolves into a competitive company that is able to adapt to various changes.


Work professionalism makes SWA able to maintain customer loyalty. All SWA employees are entrusted with a great responsibility in their employment to be proactive in responding to customers' needs and providing quality work results.

Religious and Nationalist

Religious = Practicing religious practices.

Nationalist = able to spontaneously sing the national anthem Indonesia Raya & Pancasila

Swabina Gatra Culture

  1. Swabina Gatra's Vision= “Be a company that can grow and develop in a HEALTHY, sustainable way to become an EXCELLENT company”.
  2. Meaning of SIAP = Spirit, Sincere, Moral, Professional
  3. Meaning of BISA is by the Grace of ALLAH PT. Swabina Gatra definitely CAN realize the Company's Vision now and in the future
  4. Spirit Swabina Gatra New Face, namely
    1. Who We Are = Swabina Gatra
    2. Swabina = Ready Can
    3. Swabina Gatra = New Face

HSE Culture

Carry out work activities according to ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health Safety Management System (SMK3) and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS)

5R Culture

  1. 5 R = Concise, Neat, Clean, Treat, Diligent
  2. Concise means getting rid of things that are not needed.
  3. Neat means placing according to the specified position.
  4. Clean means cleaning equipment & work area.
  5. Treat means maintain personal hygiene & continue to carry out the previous 3Rs.
  6. Diligent means maintaining personal discipline (commitment) in carrying out all stages of 5 R.

Service Excellence

  1. Service Excellence is the best service and meets the expectations and needs of customers/users
  2. Elements of Service Excellence namely
    1. Attitude (Aesthetics, Ethics, Ethos)
    2. SOP
    3. Capable
    4. Communicative
    5. Sincere